A message to all of our fellow law enforcement officers and their families. Through out my thirty years of law enforcement service and traveling abroad, I’ve unfortunately witnessed multiple accidental and negligent discharges with a firearm. We realized there was not a viable solution to dramatically reduce the probability of an accidental discharge while active in the field. Second Safe was created to offer the next level of safe for YOU, by providing peace of mind to every active officer in the field. Peace of mind that your weapon is safe, while remaining field ready. Peace of mind knowing you are returning home to your loved ones. The daily reminder to return home to our families is the reason why we dedicated ourselves to providing the solution to accidental discharges.

We refuse to allow the possibility of an accidental or negligent discharge, limit us in the field. We refuse to accept the possibility of an accidental or negligent discharge, take us away from our families. Our mission is to eliminate accidental deaths and/or injuries with a firearm, and provide additional safety to the men and women who protect and serve our communities.

What is 2ndsafe?

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Here at Isabella Safe, your life IS our priority. As a family coming from a military and law enforcement background, we understand the importance of our loved ones coming home. We understand the loved ones left behind to satisfy the duties assigned to us; the duty to protect our community and the country we serve. Isabella Safe was created to provide the next level of SAFE for you. Our mission is to ensure every officer and civilian has the opportunity of additional safety with their firearm. Our objective is to dramatically reduce the probability of an accidental or negligent discharge, and ensure YOU return home to your loved ones. We not only advocate for weapon safety for our fellow officers and civilians, but we also donate a portion of sales to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. When you purchase from us; not only do you potentially save a life, but you also give back to the protectors of our communities and their immediate families. Here at Isabella Safe our goal is simple; safety and peace of mind.

Isabella Safe follows a simple philosophy of operating in our clients and business partner’s best interest. Isabella Safe vows to operate with integrity and trustworthiness, in all of our business operations.